Re: Unmarried Son as Head of Household #general

Robert Israel <israel@...>

S. Harris <> wrote:

Any idea the parents (ages 46 and 42) would be living with the youngest
of their five children (age 16) in a home headed by their oldest
unmarried son (age 25) in 1910? The father was employed as a shoemaker,
the adult son as a pool room clerk.
Is it a census return that says the son was "head of household"?
It might be a mistake to attribute too much significance to this.
I don't know what was the official definition of "head of household"
in 1910, and it's possible that the census taker and/or those being
interviewed didn't either, or didn't apply the definition properly. It
could just be that the census taker happened to interview the son, and so
everything was described >from his point of view.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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