Clandestine Immigration to Israel, May-June 1948 #general

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Genners ...

I am trying to document one of our family stories regarding a holocaust
survivor's immigration to Israel in the months prior to its Independence
from Britain.
I am looking for the name of one of the "clandestine immigration" ships
that brought people >from Europe to Israel in the months prior to its

In particular, I am looking for a ship whose name sounds something like
"Nachshon Kaftelle". It left >from France sometime in May 1948 with 560+
emigres heading for Haifa. The ship was intercepted outside Haifa by
British forces and its passengers were sent to internment camps in Cyprus.

Soon thereafter, the British allowed the children and seniors >from the
ship to go to Israel. I believe this was in mid-May 1948. They then
arrived in Israel sometime abt 7 June 1948.

My great-grand uncle was one of these children.

I am looking for the ship and especially a passenger list. Any other
information about this journey, where I might look for additional
information, or offices or organizations that should be contacted would
also be greatly appreciated.

Please respond privately to

Thank you.

- jerry

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