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I am new to the Belarus SIG and am researching my maternal grandparents who
lived in Smolyane(Smolyany)during the 1890's before emigrating to
Worcester,Mass. in 1906(grandfather) and 1908(grandmother&children).My
grandfather,Rabbi Zorach HURWITZ married Chassya RABINOVITZ. They had 6
children,Nathan,Goldie,Sarah,Simon,Solomon andMax(twins). I know nothing of
my grandfather's family as my mother never knew them.My grandfather was a
Lubavicher rabbi who served as a shochet in Smolyane but had no pulpit
My grandmother had a married sister (name unknown)who lived nearby with
their mother,another married sister (name unknown)lived in Vitebsk,a third
sister moved to England and one brother who also lived in Vitebsk was a
Researching information about my grandmothers family is extremely difficult
and locating records/information for Smolyane virtually impossible.And how
does one search out family members whose married names they do not know?
I would appreciate any assistance you could provide and especially to hear
from anyone who shares family ties to Smolyany and/or would find any of my
information familiar or related to their own.
Blossom Glassman

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