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Avrum Lapin <avrum113@...>

Any idea the parents (ages 46 and 42) would be living with the youngest
of their five children (age 16) in a home headed by their oldest
unmarried son (age 25) in 1910? The father was employed as a shoemaker,
the adult son as a pool room clerk.


In 1920, the father was the head of household, the youngest son, the
youngest son's wife and her nephew were living with the family as was the
oldest son who at 35 was still unmarried. The father was still a
shoemaker, the oldest son was a telephone clerk and the youngest son a
plumbing clerk.
Presumably this is a census question. My best guess is a
misunderstanding between the enumerator and the respondent.

Today in the eyes of the IRS the son could be considered the head of
the household if he is the major income producer
Avrum Lapin, of Upland, CA

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