LEBOVICS Magda, Rozsi, Bela, Moricz #general

Catherine Poscher <catherine.poscher@...>

Dear subscriber,

Who knew my oncles and aunties:
- LEBOVICS Magda born in Kormend, 9.10.1920. She was in the gettho in
- LEBOVICS Rozsi, born 8.05.1923 in Kormend. She survived the gettho
(Budapest?) and married Perec KAUFMANN. They went in Munich and Los
- LEBOVICS Bela, born in Kormend, 18.11.1924. He was in a camp in St
Kiraly Szabadja. I have only a postcard. What happened with those young
boys? Perhaps was someone in this camp.?
- LEBOVICS Moricz, born in Kormend, 20.05.1931.

Thank you for all Ideas and answers!

Catherine Poscher

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