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Does the Bobruiske Society still exist?
Since I started looking into my family's immigration (both sides) very
little has been found outside of possible UFO sightings in Brooklyn. I have
found my uncles' various passages through immigration but nothing of my
grandparents on my mother's side. Part of the problem is that we do not
know if he ever used his right name.

They were members of the Bobruiske Society, and my mother used to tell me
of going to the Bobruiske Ball in New York.

According to the records I have, my grandfather Moshe Kastenovitch married
my grandmother Ruchel Matlin in Bobruisk and went to new york to work as a
tailor to earn money to bring her over. I have their betrothal document,
which only names him as Moshe ben Johnathon.

Maybe there is an old membership list around >from the nineteen teens.

Bill Lubarsky

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