Re: Where is Vyzuonus today? Probably Kaunas Gubernia? #general

Eleanor Platt QC <kbx62@...>

Chaim Donyachya[1840-1913] was one of the "twin rabbis" the other being my
GGGrandfather Menachem Mendl of Kopys.[1840-1920] There are many spellings
of Doniach -Don Yachya Danyakh etc. I have recently found some information
that a Chaim Danyakh was in Vyzuonus in 1892 with apparently two children
Leyba (Leib) which just about fits with my knowledge and another Gilel aged
16. I am trying to find out if this is in fact my GGGrandfather's twin and
two of his children. Can you help please? Is Gilel male or female? And does
anuone have additional information? My Chaim had two wives and some family
are now in Israel but we have lost touch.
Thanks in advance
Chag Sameach and a peaceful year to all.
Eleanor Lind

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