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Barb & Howard

Tradition and custom dictates that since a person does
not grant ones self life, neither does that person
have the right to take ones own life. If one does commit
the act of suicide, that person is segregated >from the
Jewish community, even in death. The grave is most likely
marked, however there was probably a fence erected around
the grave site to symbolically cut the person off
from the community even after death. Have someone
personally walk the cemetery, if it is there, it will
be obvious, because there will most likely be a
wrought iron fence surrounding the plot.

Howard Steinmetz
Saginaw, Michigan
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I have been trying to find information about my husband's ggf Jacob
Newhan/Neuhan who committed suicide in Wheeling, WVa in 1908. Newspaper
reports and obituary notices indicated that he was buried at Mt. Wood
Cemetery. I have never been able to find confirmation of this. Do you
think the fact that he was a suicide may cloud the picture? Could he be
in an unmarked area? Is it possible that as a suicide records were not
kept? I'm not sure how that fact may or may not affect burial records,
etc., but since I've had no luck thus far, I thought I'd explore that
I be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Connie Fisher Newhan
Yorba Linda, CA
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