Re: Given Names Miriam and Malke #galicia

Robert Israel <israel@...>

In article Eden Joachim <> wrote:

Are any of you able to tell me if there is a relationship between the
female given names Miriam and Malke?
The only relationship that they both start with M.

My great great grandmother died in Newark, New Jersey in 1910, and her son
listed her mother's name as Miriam. The records for Rzeszow, Poland, from
whence she came, do not have any entries giving the mother's name as
Miriam, but do have many entries for a mother named Malke.
It was quite common that an immigrant with a Hebrew/Yiddish name such as
Malke would choose a more "American-sounding" name such as Miriam, often
one starting with the same letter.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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