Location of Cemetery in York, PA #general

Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

In about 1908, a baby boy was born to Charles and Tillie SOMMERS who were
living in Gettysburg, PA. The baby did not live long and he was buried "in
the old Jewish cemetery in York."

Does anyone know what cemetery the family stories may have been referring
to and where it is located today? My husband is the oldest son of Lillian
SOMMERS BISHOW, the third daughter of Charles and Tillie SOMMERS. The
family eventually moved to Taneytown, MD and then to Baltimore.

Marlene BISHOW
Rockville, MD
KATZ: Zhuravno, Galicia > NYC
DEUTSCHER, NUSSBAUM: Rozniatow, Galicia > NYC
PETT, SINGER: Belarus (Grodno?) > NY > CT
SOMMERS: Lithuania > Whales > Gettysburg >Baltimore
BISHOW (BISHOVSKY) : Russia (Ukraine?) > New Orleans > Baltimore

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