Lviv Cemeteries #general

Errol Schneegurt

While I was searching the International Association of Jewish Genealogical
Societies - Cemetery project - they write about 2 books (below) that
relate to the cemeteries in the city of Lviv.
Has anyone read these books or have seen what information they contain?

Book: Matsevot kodesh vezikhron tsadikim (Holy graves and memorials to the
Just), by G. Suchestov. New York, 1993. 4 volumes in 1 volume (Reprint of
G. Hirtz books, Lvov 1863-1897. Hebrew. S88A2184. Notes: see G. Hirtz
books S38A847 and R70A5484.

Book: Sefer matsevet kodesh. po ba'ir L'vov (Book of holy graves in the
city of L'vov), by G. Suchestov. Ashdod, 1996. 1 volume, Hebrew. S2
96A5718. Notes: Facsimile reproduction of G. Hirtz book S38A847.

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