Need suggestions on trip to Belarus and Silesia #general


In the spring or early summer of 2004, my wife and I, as well as our 3
grown children, are planning a trip to Belarus, for genealogical purposes
related to my family, followed by a sight seeing trip to Breslau and
Ratibor, where my wife was born and lived as a child. I would be
interested in searching for information in Minsk (my mother's town), and
in Tsirin (Czyrin, near Mir and Baranovici) and Slonim, with which my
father's family is connected. My wife would like to revisit the sights of
her childhood days in present day Wroczlov and Ratzibor. In the Belarus
part, we need knowledgeable genealogical help, as well as interpreters and
guides; in Poland, interpreters and guides. I realize that Stetl
Shleppers has several trips scheduled to Minsk and Belarus for next April
and June, but timing, and duration are problems. I would appreciate any
advice >from those independent travelers who have taken similar journeys
about travel arrangements, potential guides and interpreters, as well as
the types of problems one is likely to encounter.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Please answer privately.
Amoz Chernoff
Potomac, MD

MODERATOR NOTE: Others interested in genealogical travel
can check out ShtetlSchleppers' schedule and destinations at <>.
Something new for 2004: Portugal! Details will be worked out,
so stay tuned.

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