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Lowell and/or Betty Nigoff <killshot@...>

My father in law, Ben Zuckerman, was born Boruch Tsukerman (or Zukerman),
on 27th of November 1900 (10th or 11th of December 1900, according to
Gregorian calendar) in Feodosia (a city in Crimea), in the family of Abram
and Leah Tsukerman (Zukerman) >from Ekaterinoslav (a city in Ukraine). This
found >from a copy of his official birth record.

My wife and brother in law had always thought his name was Benjamin.

Lowell Nigoff
Lexington, Kentucky USA
ALTSHULER (Rogachev, Belarus) GORELICK (Rogachev, Belarus - Kiev, Ukraine)
KACHKA, KACZKA, KACZE (Stepan, [Wolyn Volhynia] Poland-Russia?)
MAISEL  (Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine)
ZUCKERMAN, TZUCKERMAN (Feodosia, Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine)

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Eden Joachim wrote:

Can anyone tell me if William was a name adopted by men born Boruch in
that part of the world, in the time frame involved?

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