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Robert Israel <israel@...>

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Eden Joachim <> wrote:

I have a death certificate for a William JOACHIM, died Brooklyn, New
York in 1910. Based on his age at death, 60 years, and his parents'
names, I am able to pinpoint him as a Boruch JACHIMOWITZ found in the
Rzeszow, Poland (Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire) births index on-line
at JRI-Poland.
Can anyone tell me if William was a name adopted by men born Boruch in
that part of the world, in the time frame involved?
It's quite possible. People who "Americanized" their names often
just took one that struck their fancy, without doing any etymological
analysis. They often tended to take a common name that had the same
initial sound, so here Boruch could become Bill, which then became

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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