EPELBOIM Family #general

Salomon Epelboim

I am Salomón EPELBOIM, my father´s name is Kopel Epelboim, he had two
sisters Joheveth and Liba, and one brother Haim. He was born in 1900 in
Novazulitza, Rumaine, today is Ukraina. Liba died in the war, Kopel
and Haim lived in Venezuela since 1930 and Joheveth since 1948. My
grandfathers were Shlomo Epelboim and Golda Kahner. The wife of Kopel,
my mother, was Hantea JEZERICHER, and my grandfathers were Nuhem
Jezericher and O. STERENTHAL.
I am looking for relatives. If you have any information please send and
Salomón Epelboim

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