Q: Kosher Zion Delicatessen in New York #general

Paul <flash@...>

My father recalls that my great-grandfather Louis GORDON (born Elisha
GORDONOVICH) had a cousin who established a large, successful business in
the early decades of the 20th century: the Kosher Zion Delicatessen. (My
father isn't sure he has the name right). I assume this business was in
New York City, since that's where my great-grandfather lived.

Has anybody ever heard of this company or one with a similar name?

If so, does anyone know about the people who founded this company?

Thanks for your help.

Paul Gordon
Silver Spring, MD
JGFF Researcher # 5319

Researching (in relation to this great-grandfather):

FRIEDMAN - Seredzius, Jonava
FRIEDSON - Seredzius, Jonava, Soly

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