Re: Help with Toronto death #general

Hazanjo <hazanjo@...>

Here is the general URL for information >from the Canadian archives:

There is a tab to the left which takes you to genealogy. >from that page
you can access immigration info as well find sources for wills and
probate info.

Hazel Sandow Boon
Searching: HABER - Dzurów, Ukraine; STARK - Warsaw, Poland;
SADOFSKY/SADOWSKY - Lodz, Poland; KANET/KANNETT - Czyzewo, Poland

You may wish to check with the probate court in Toronto. We were able
to get a copy of an uncle's will and death certificates >from the
Montreal Probate Court. I am sure there is a Canadian Gov't web site
that will give the correct address.

Good Luck,


Mervin wrote:

I have a cousin who was named Evelyn Waldman and who was born in
She was the daughter of Yosel Waldman who died in Poland in 1917 of the
Flu. She was born circa 1911. She emigrated to Canada in the 30s. We
believe she went to live in Toronto and died there but we have no idea
when. Anyone have any ideas what I should do to find out more
information about her?

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