Re: Marseille bombing 1940 #france

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

I have a
childhood recollection of a bombing in Marseille that took place in
November (plus or minus 1 month) 1940. I have seen reference to such
a bombing in a publication. However, I am not sure who bombed the
city or why. I thought that it might have been the British Air Force
bombing French naval ships to prevent them >from being used by the
Thomas, I think you are mixing 2 or 3 separate events.
1- In may 1940 Marseille has been bombed by German and Italian air force.
2- July 3, 1940, In Mers El Kebir, Churchill gives the order to destroy the
French boats in order to prevent them to go back to Toulon
3- November 27, 1942 (and not 1940) french officers who did not want to join
Darlan in North Africa, but did not want Germans to take their boats
prefered scuttling, but this was in Toulon.

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ - Paris France

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