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I am looking for anyone who might have known my father Irving Krinsky. On
some documents he is listed as Israel. He was born on April 5, 1901 in
Wolkaviska and came to the US through Ellis Island in 1917. His father is
Isaac Krinsky and his mother is Mollie(Malka) Beckenstein(maiden name)

In the 1920 census the family is listed as living on 101-107 Delancey
Street, NYC on the lower East Side. They lived with 3 other sons, George,
William, and Rubin.

At a later time they lived on 182 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

He married Lena Rossen and then lived in Williamsburgh. One address is 226
Rodney Street.

He was in the silk business which was located at 31 East 28th Street.

Thank you.

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Roni Krinsky

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