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Mark Halpern <willie46@...>


As you already know, starting in 1877 the information required in
the Galician vital record registers were standardized and
included the names of the parents for a marriage record. Prior to
1877, there was no established standard, so names of parents were
not required.

The template used by the AGAD Indexing team includes the names of
the father and mother of both the bride and groom. Therefore, if
the index does not include this information, you can assume that
the record did not include that information.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archives Coordinator

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Has anyone ordered marriage indices through the AGAD project >from before
1877? Are the parents of the bride and groom shown? I found one of
interest, but only want to order it if the groom's parents' names are
listed. This record is >from Borschow, >from 1858.

Thanks very much,
Denise Azbill
Las Vegas, NV

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