Varaklani, Latvia #general

Laila Andre <lailandre@...>

Hi Genners
Looking for the name SOLOVJEVS, SOLOVJEUS, SOLOVIEV. I only have the name
SOLOVJEVS to go on. My grandmother's Given name was Marta. I don't know
anything about my Grandfather. My Mother Feodosija (Fani) SOLOVJEVS and
Aunt Glikerija (Geli) SOLOVJEVS were twins born in Varaklani, Latvia on
October 22, 1924. They were both taken by force, by Russians in 1940, when
they were sixteen to work on a farm and never saw their mother again.
When the war came they were rescued??? by German soldiers. They both
ended up in IRO Camp JESI in Italy and then were sent to Australia on a
US troop carrier between 1949-1952. They docked in Melbourne and that's
really all the information I have. My mother and aunt wouldn't tell me
what had happened to them through the war, so I have many lost years and
much frustration. If any one has any information in Latvia, Russia,
Italy or Australia I would really be pleased.

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