Re: finding friends/relatives thru Israel Radio #general

Dr.Josef ASH

Shalom, Khaim.
It is on "reshet bet" (95.5 FM), 15:45 - 15:55 every day. They have
telephone # they tell it several times during the program. I don't
remember it now, but you can listen it tomorrow.
Good luck,
Dr. Josef ASH

I hope that some of you out there can help me. I have heard that there
is a program on one of the channels of Israel Radio where people try to
trace friends or relatives with whom they have lost contact at some point
in time.
This even includes people who try to trace people who may have survived
the Holocaust and have been "missing" for fifty years or more.

I do not know what the success rate of the program is, but I do believe
that there have been occasional successes.

My question is, do any of you know of this program? At which times and on
what station does it appear? This information would be very useful to me
and maybe even to orher Israelis involved in genealogical researches.


Chaim Charutz

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