Interestion materials on Russian genealogy websites #general

Pavel Bernshtam <pavelb@...>


I have found a number of interesting materials on russian language
genealogy sites.

The site contains a lot of people lists
for various places, times, gubernias.

I have selected a number of them (not all), which contains jewish surnames:

1. Vitebsk gymnasia graduates 1808-1883
2. officials in Minsk gubernia 1900
3 Mogilev gymnasia graduates 1814-1909
4. Kharkov religious officials 1914

All these pages in Russian, and I, unfortunatly, do not have a time to
translate/transliterate them, but these resources IMHO should be
included to the corresponding SIGs static pages.

BTW. I have fourd online translator/transilerator:

Pavel Bernshtam

SEARCHING FOR: ITKIN - Kolyshki, Vitebsk gubernia; Kharkov BENIOMENSON -
Khislavichi (Mstislav uyezd), Kharkov BERNSHTAM - Akimovka (Melitopol
oblast), Melitopol, Povolzh'e ALTSHULER - Priazovskoe (Pokrovka
(Melitopol oblast) , Melitopol, Chausy (Mogilev gubernia) KANTOR -
Polonnoe (Volyn gubernia), Baranovka (Volyn gubernia), Zhitomir LAMDAN,
LAMDIN- Mlinov ZHURAHOV, ZURAHOV - Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Verbovo
(Skvir uyezd) Zhitomir KELMAN- Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Zhitomir

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