Re: Surname "Regensburg" #general

Joel Stearman <dpastear@...>

Hoping to obtain information regarding Moses Regensburg (could have been
"berg") husband of Jeanette Liffman father of Ludwig (Louis on
naturalization papers) and Edward.

I have gone as far back as the 1860 Census where all but Moses are
listed. The information I have so far is that they were >from Frankfurt
and arrived here in the late 1850's however I cannot seem to obtain
information regarding their departure >from Germany (Prussia at the
time.) I have searched the German to America with no success and they
came before Ellis Island was opened. Any ideas?

Eileen Regensburg

Sorry Eileen and Group:

I misread the year of arrival in Eileen's posting.

The Alpha index I cited only goes up to July 1826. The manifests cover
the period, so it would be necessary to have a tighter idea of the time
frame for arrival, in order to do a date-by-date, ship-by-ship search.

Maybe there is some date or ship information on the naturalization
documents which would help.

Joel Stearman
Potomac, MD

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