Re: Boxing - Lower East Side #general


In a message dated 11/16/03 9:31:04 AM, Stephen Morochnick writes:

<< My grandfather and one of his

brothers boxed in a building called the "Christen Dora House" (spelling

uncertain). I understand the building housed the NYC Welfare Department

in the 1950's and 60's. >>

There is a photo and brief desciption of the building in "The Lower East
Side" by Ronald Sanders, Dover Publications, NY 1979. "Christadora House,
founded in 1897, was one of New York's great community centers. The 16-
story structure on the corner of Avenue B and East 9th Street was built
in the 1920's."

My wife and her siblings used to get free dental services there in the
1930's and 40's as children.

Bob Weiss
Northridge, CA

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