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chaikin <chaikin@...>

Willy Zalmon wrote:

IBA - the Israel Broadcasting Authority has a weekdays daily program
emitted 15:45 till 16:00 Israel time (GMT +2) on Channel ("Reshet") Bet.
It is possible to listen to a - probably most recent - already broadcast
program >from the IBA website, Reshet Bet On

This daily broadcast is treated by the various broadcasters with empathy.
I am just an occasional listener.
=I would like to add that anyone who would like to speak in the program
about finding relatives, may leave a message with his / her Phone. No. in
the answering machine of the program, telephone number (it is definitely
not a private telephone):
972-3-7652034 and the editor of that program will call back
and get the person on air in the right time (don't forget the time
difference between you and Israel!).
I once spoke in the program about few relatives and received few replies....

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem

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