Where is Katerine Slavke? #general

Yoav Epelman <yoav@...>

Hi all

Recently I started researching for my maternal grandmother's roots and
asked her sister(90 years old)where the family came from.

Today she lives in Argentina.
She told me that her father(my great grandfather)was born in
"Katerine Slavke gubernia in Russia".

Someone knows where is this place? Take into consideration that she wrote
that it is in Russia but we are speaking 10 years ago so it might be in
any other republic of former USSR.

Thanks in advance
Yoav Epelman,
Searching for:

EPELMAN\APPELMAN >from Bessarevia/Moldova. HENKIN >from Bobruisk (Belarus).
PERMAN >from Kherson, Novopoltavka, Nikolayev(Ukraine), Argentina &
YANKILEVICH\JANKILEVICH >from Kiev(Ukraine). STERN >from Hungary & Slovakia.

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