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martha <martha@...>

They both ended up in IRO Camp JESI in Italy and then were sent to
Australia on a US troop carrier between 1949-1952. They docked in
Melbourne and that's really all the information I have. My mother and
aunt wouldn't tell me what had happened to them through the war, so I have
many lost years and much frustration. If any one has any information in
Latvia, Russia, Italy or Australia I would really be pleased.

Laila, if they were in a refugee camp, they are probably on the
Arolsen Records microfilms. You can view those films at Yad Vashem if
you intend to come to the 24th International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy in Jerusalem this coming July. For the Latvian Jews,
practically the only way they stayed alive was to be deported to
Russia/Sibera before the German invasion, if they didn't die of
neglect, starvation and exposure in Russia, that is.

Martha Lev-Zion,

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