Fw: Looking for MORPURGO and VITERBO (Acona, Italy) #general

Carlos Glikson

A MORPURGO was active in theater or TV in Argentina.
I´m not looking it up know but the nickname was Ponchi...
Ponchi MORPURGO - and I can't tell the sex based on Ponchi !
(off stage or off camera... an escenographer, if I
recall correctly. Perhaps a camera director - Ponchi
punching the switcher?
It is a memory >from 30? 35? years ago).

There are 2 MORPURGO phones in my nationwide 2001 white
pages CD. If you think there may be a connection to
1845 MORPURGOS in Ancona, Italy, or want to contact and
find out, I´ll be happy to share the contact info privately.

Carlos Glikson,
Buenos Aires

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