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Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

I am searching for information about the family of Zalmen ZELINCOSSER.
His brother emigrated under the name of Jacob Zelingosher, changed his
name to Jack Seliger and settled in New York. I haven't found Zalman's
emigration data but his wife and child are listed on the EIDB as Basse
Zelincosser and Esther. They arrived in 1913 >from Shadova (Kovno
Gubernia) and their destination was Zalman Selincosser at 511 E. ????,
Kansas City, MO.

I can find no record of them by that name in the 1920 census. I presume
that they changed their name as did Zalman's brother, Jacob, however, I
can find no record of them under the name of Seliger so they probably
changed the name to something else.

The EIDB also shows the arrival in 1908 of "Ianhel Zelenkosse", son of
Zalman Shlomo in Shadova. "Ianhel" was probably Yankel, which is a
Yiddish variant of Jacob; destination was Kansas City. Yankel appears
to be different than Zalman's brother Jacob. The ship manifests show
Yankel arriving in 1908 at age 18 and Jacob arroving in 1905 at age 22.

Some possibilities for the name that Zelinkosser was changed to in Kansas
City are Seliger or Schlesinger.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have any ideas on
how I might pursue this further?

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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