Re: Waulkwiska clarification #general

Alexander Sharon


Thank you all for your replies.

Waulkawiska is also referred to as Volkavisk. There is a town called
Volkavisk that is the same town or near a town called Svisloch. The town
I am interested in is close to Bialystock.

The one I am not interested in is in the center of Belarus.

I apologize if I have not gotten some details correct.

Perhaps there are other people who read this website that have more
accurate information than I have right now or can explain it better.

Roni Krinsky

This is the same town in Western Belarus, close to the Polish border.
It was known as Wolkowysk, and during the interwar pieriod it was within
the Polish Bialystok Province. It's distance >from town Bialystok is 53
miles and >from the City of Minsk it is 138 miles, which is not placing it
in the centre of Belarus.

There is no other town by this name in Belarus.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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