Ship manifests: Havana to Key West #general

John Hoenig

Tracie Schneider wrote:

I know that my GGF and family left Kiev between 1910
and 1920 and went to Havana, Cuba. They then sailed
from Havana to Key West, FL in 1926 aboard a ship called
the "Governor Cobb." Does anyone know if there is any
way to see the ship's manifest of the Governor Cobb?

The passenger manifests >from the port of Miami were recently transferred
to the National Archives in Washington, DC. I would guess that manifests
from Key West were transferred at the same time. I suggest Tracie should
go to the NARA website where there is a facility for sending email
requests for information to NARA staff. Ask if they can send a copy of
the passenger manifest. I think it is necessary to specify a date, not
just the year. Since Tracy knows the year, port and ship it would appear
she can find the date. (To find the date, one can look for a stamp in the
ancestor's passport or look for the naturalization papers or look on the
ancestor's alien registration form.)

John Hoenig
Williamsburg, VA

looking for PELLER and FITZER
looking for info about towns Jablonow, Tekucza, Peceniczyn all in Galicia

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