where is Romanov(o)? #belarus

Stephen Warshall <s_warshall@...>

The shtetl called Romanov(o) has been turning up on the SIG site,
clearly located in Romanovskaya volost, Slutsk uyezd.

The Shtetl Seeker, however, can't seem to find it. The only
Romanovos in its database are over 160 miles >from Slutsk,
presumably not in Slutsk uyezd.

I believe that "my" Romanovo is within 20 miles of Slutsk, probably
to the west. Does anybody have a precise location (ideally with a
source for the info)?

By the way, since a name like Romanov would surely be changed
by the Revolution, and one of the many Leninos in Belarus is just
west of Slutsk, one can't help wondering if that might be the place.
But that's just a wild guess; does anybody know?


Stephen Warshall
Gloucester, MA

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