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We have a nice notice.
We edited a book:
"Diccionario de Apellidos Judios, su etimologia, variantes y derivados" by
Benjamin Edelstein (z´l)
It has the meaning of around 20.000 lastnames, since the author died three
years ago without finish the work, at 91 years old. We decided to edit it
despite it covers only the 40/50% of the total of jewish lastnames (mayor
quantity of ashkenazim) used in Argentina since it is the first book in
spanish in this matter, no translated >from any other book.
We included a explanation wrote by Carlos Tajer about teh process of the
lastnames adoption in East Europe and all the articles about this matter
published in our newsletter Toldot, wrote by the late Benjamin Edesltein
The book has 554 pages and its weight is 810 grammes.
I think that is the first publication made by a Jewish Genealogical Society
in South America, so we are very proud More information can be required to
us, I dont say its price due Jewishegen rules
Hope to help to many spanish readers with this book.
Paul Armony
Asociacion de Genealogia Judia de Argentina

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