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David Priever

Dear Fellow Jewishgenners,

An early Happy Chanukah to everyone!!!

I am trying to help a fellow genealogist in
Canada find someone. Her aunt, Alice LAVELL (born ca.
1910) was listed up until 2000 in the Bronx White
Pages. I went to the listed address. Her name is
still on the resident directory. I spoke to
the building superintendent who recalls
she had a home attendant and was moved to a
nursing home. around 1999-2000. My gut feeling
(I've been wrong before) is that this superintendant
was giving me accurate information.

I already had the New York City death indices
from 1999 to the present searched. Nothing.
a) she could have died outside of the 5 boroughs of NYC;

b) she died out of New York State;

c) she is still alive and lives in a nursing home.

The Alice LAVELL listings in the SSDI are all
accounted for. Bronx County Probate records
have already been searched.

Is the answer staring me in the face?
Am I missing something? Do I unfortunately
concede "defeat"?

The person for whom I am doing this is desirous
of rekindling contact with this aunt who
married into the family.

Your ideas and feedback will be very greatly appreciated.


David Priever

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