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Alexander Sharon

"Adam Stein wrote:

Why I'm looking for this book is below (I didn't want to bore you if
you weren't interested).

The book I'm looking for is about the population of jews living in a
town that used to exist in Poland. The town was destroyed during WWII
(so it probably doesn't exist today). My mother thinks the name of
the town was Sarne or perhaps Sarna. This book was most likely
published in Israel during the early 1960s or maybe late 1950s. It is
a big black book and is written in hebrew.

I would very much appreciate it if anybody has any information on this
book or even the correct spelling of the town. Even if I couldn't get
book itself, it still would be worth it to me to get a copy of the
material in the book.

As to why I'm looking, I had my first child this year and I've become
interested in gathering family information for him. My grandfather
came >from this town. The book has a picture of him at 17. His
original name was "Abram Schtain" (as far as I was told). His name
was changed to "Abraham Stein" coming through Ellis Island into the

He had a copy of this book. Unfortunately, he lent it to other people
in the senior citizen organization he belonged to. He fell ill and
passed away before he could get the book back. This would have been
in the early 1980s. This senior citizen center was located in the
Bronx either on or near Adee or Allenton Ave (don't have the name of
the place). If you know of this senior center, I would appreciate any
information as well. If they still exist, maybe I can contact them to
trace down the book.

Thanks in advance for any information.



What you are looking for is town Sarny in Volin (Wolyn, Wolynia) province
of Ukraine.

During the interwar period town was located in Poland in Polesie Province.

The book that you are searching for, is most probably Sefer Yzkor (Memorial
Book) Sarny, titled in Hebrew: Sefer yizkor le-kehiat Sarny (Memorial Book
of the Sarny community) published in Tel Aviv in 1961 by the Former
Residents of Sarny and Vicinity in Israel, editor Y.Kariv, 540 pages, in
Hebrew and Yiddish.

There is no known translation of this Book to English.

Yzkor Books are difficult to obtain, and on this page of the JewishGen'
Yzkor Books you will find libraries (mostly in US) where copies of this
Book are located.

Sarny had prior to WWII close to 3,000 Jewish souls out of 6,000 general
population. Personally I do not know too much about Sarny, but I have been
involved several times into research of the Wolyn region and I'd like to
share my thoughts about the transformation of the Jewish surnames of this
region, which directly relates to your family name, Stein.

Prior to WWI, Wolyn has been part of the Russian Empire. The border town
Brody in Galicia between the Russian and Austrian Empires was the famous
spot through which thousands of our ancestors >from Russia have crossed the
line on their way to the sea ports of the Western Europe.

All the vital documentation (birth, marriage and death certification) in
Wolynia has been issued exclusively in Russian. When Wolynia became part of
the independent Poland following Soviet-Polish war of 1920, all surnames
have been transliterated >from the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet into Polish
(Latin) alphabet.

But strangely enough, all the Germanic sounding surnames of the Wolynian
Jews have been transliterated into Polish characters, thus: Steinberg,
Stern, Stein or Shein became known as Sztajnberg, Sztern, Sztajn (Sztejn)
and Szajn.

If you open Sarny page of 1929 Poland Business Directory you will locate
several of those Polish character transformations. There are also several
Sztajns are listed - perhaps some of them are your relations:

Good luck with your search
and Hannukah Sameach

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab, Canada

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