Re: Does Rav mean Rabbi #general

Itche Offman <itche@...>


You can still learn >from it (a "reish" followed by an apostrophe before the
name) that he was a shojmer shabbos, I can hardly imagine a mechallel
shabos with the "title" Reb.....

Itche Offman/ beth shemesh

Michael Ben-Gershon < > wrote:

On a few old documents and also on Tombstones I see a "reish" followed
by an apostrophe before the name. I take this to mean "Rav" but I am
confused if this means Rabbi or just some kind of "Mr.".
Can any one help? Thanks.
It stands for 'Reb', which is a sort of glorified 'Mr'. It doesn't really
mean anything at all.

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