Re: the name Lipe #general

Ury Link

Dear genners,

Arie Wishnia wrot:
>>Just found out the name of my wife's GGrandfather and it is Lipe (in Hebrew
letters "Lamed, Yud, Pei, Alef). What is the origin of this name and is it a
Hebrew or Yiddish given name (kinui)? >>>

My answer is: The name Lipe is a derivation of the name Lipman. The name
Lipman is a nickname (Kinui) for the next Hebrew names: Uri, Yom Tov,
Elazar and Eliezer. >from Germany we know that this name is used in the 12
and 13 century as a kinui for Eliezer , Lazarus called ( Ha-Mechune)
Lipman. The name is derived >from the German name Liebman what mean a
beloved man. Lipman is a very used name in the Jewish name culture >from
the middle ages until today. More variants of this name are : Lipush ,
Lipke, Lipa, Lipel, Lip and more.
Best regards
Ury Link

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