Polish Magnate for Nova Ushitsa, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine #general

David Bickman

I have been trying for some considerable time to discover the name of the
Polish Magnate who once owned the town of Nova Ushitsa, Podolia Gubernia
(now Khmelnitsky Oblast), Ukraine.

The following names have come up in an article I recently read:

Kayetan Wyszpolski
Carol Szydlowski
Stanislaw Sadowski
Adryan Jaczymirski
Wlodzimierz Czewinkow

Do any of you out there know if any of these people was the Magnate for this
town? Or was it someone else?

I am attempting to find out the name of the Magnate so that I can then
hopefully use Avotaynu's list of Magnates to find and access the particular
Magnates archives.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

David M. Bickman

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