Sprinze KOENIGSBUCH (nee SATZ or KALB) #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,
Just discovered at the Red Cross microfilms at Yad
Vashem a card of Sprinze Koenigsbuch b.1902 her
parents were Jakob and Hinda Satz. She was married to
Bernard Baruch Koenigsbuch who was born in 1898.
On her card there is also a mention of the name Kalb
which somehow may relate to her parents. This is the
first time that I come across Bernard Baruch
Koenigsbuch. Since it is very rare surname i suspect
he also belongs to our tribe >from Brzesko.
Please respond privately if Sprintze Satz or Kalb
means anything to you. JGFF has few listings of
researchers who are seeking Satz or Kalb.
Jacob Rosen

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