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No, both marriages were religious marriages by rabbis. The one in the old
country was in the bride's home shtetl. Then the groom - who had come to the
US 6 years earlier - remarried the same bride when she came over a year

I suspect it may be that they had no way to prove in the US that they were
married and therefore paid a rabbi to redo it in NY to simplify matters.
Or, he may have married her in the shtetl so as to get her travel papers to
come to the US, though I do not know if these were needed in 1906-7 or
simply just went back to "find a wife" and arrange for her coming over. Or
just that the religious marriage in the shtetl may have had no civil
registration component, hence the need to remarry in the US.

But I do not know and it was a surprise to find the 2 marriages for the same
people, listing the same parents, etc at 2 different dates and places. So I
was wondering if others had come across this.

(Better 2 marriages than "none" <grin>)

Jeff Malka

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Maybe they 'eloped' and married civilly but not religiously in Europe. When
they got to the US, they could then marry religiously without their parents
interference. Marriages were usually arranged in Europe at that time, and
if might have been 'committed' to marry other people but didn't want to.
This would have been unusual but explains the two records.

The US would have recognized them as married, but the Jewish community might
not have. Many people had no papers and the government generally took
people's words for such things. Most likely they remarried to clear their
conscience-after all, outside their hometown(s), who would know that they
weren't married religiously? In New York, only someone who knew of them
from their hometown might know the truth-and might think that they had
remarried religiously even if they hadn't.

Sally Bruckheimer
Harrison, NY

"Could they have been married in the old country and then re-married again in
the US to legitimize the marriage in the US? Is this common? Would one have
been a proxy marriage - if there is such a thing? I am trying to figure it
out and those that would know are dead."

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