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Alexander Sharon

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On Dec. 25, 03, David Bickman ( wrote in part:

<<I have been trying for some considerable time to discover the name of the
Polish Magnate who once owned the town of Nova Ushitsa, Podolia Gubernia
(now Khmelnitsky Oblast), Ukraine.>>

On Mr. Bickman's behalf I wrote to the Herbarz group at

I just received a reply >from one of that group's always helpful members. He
referred to the Slownik Geograficzeny Krolestwa Polskiego, saying that its
entry for Nowa Uszyca (earlier known as Letniowce) belonged in 1616 to Jakub
Kxki. In 1748 it belonged to the Crown and was rented to Konstanty Goxchowski
[Gottschalk? Godchaux"] in 1761. In 1770 it went to Jxef [Josef?] Popiel.

After the partitions, Nowa Uszyca was rented to Wxdzimierz [Vladimir?]
Czewkin, governer of Podolia. (I presume this rental occurred occurred in 1793
but it could have occurred after the partition of 1795.)

I can't explain the use of "x" for the letters in the above and have inserted
my guesses about names in brackets. I don't know what it means in "Kxki"
maybe "Kolki"? The "x" seems to stand for a number of possibilities But I am
almost sure Alex Sharon will explain the "x" better than I can.

"x" does not appear in Polish alphabet, and it is represented by the
combination of letters 'ks'.
In the old Polish literature one can notice sometime "x" in words "Xiaze"
(Ksia,ze = count) or xia,dz (ksiadz = priest) or the name Xawery (Ksawery).
'X' that are shown in Naomi posting are most probably represented specific
Polish characters letters or even two letetrs as eg in missing first name
Wl/odzimierz or Jo'zef.

I am not a magician to figure out what exactly letters are missing in above
surnames, but I can say that both surnames: Czewkin and Kolki make no sense.
Perhaps scanned copy >from Slownik will resolve the problem.

Jo'zef Popiel proper name is Popiel Dumicz - he belongs to the different
Popiel branch of the Popiel families in Wolynia ia Podole than Popiel in

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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