Re: Jewish Community in Managua, Nicaragua? #general

Carlos Glikson

Sy Gelbard is travelling to Nicaragua and couldn't "find anything about a
Jewish Community in Managua even though" Sy "heard that there is one there."

"Trying to rouse Nicaragua's dormant Jewish community" is an article on the
subject. It mentions how the author had to travel to a neighbouring country
for a religious service after trying to find Jews in Managua to celebrate
the High Holidays. "Bought a bus ticket to Costa Rica and went to services
at a synagogue in San José". "Costa Rica was a 12-hour bus ride away."

According to the web site of the World Jewish Congress, Nicaragua has a
population of 4,238,000 which includes not more than 10 Jews, after reaching
250 in 1972.

The site includes a link to an abridged version of Jewish Communities of the
World, published in 1998. The article covering Nicaragua says that in the
aftermath of a December 1972 earthquake that destroyed much of Managua, many
Jews emigrated. It also mentions the Sandinista government sequestered the
synagogue and other Jewish property and also imprisoned the community
leader, who managed to escape. He and most other Jews fled the country.
According to the article, since 1979 the Jewish community has been dormant.

It adds that there was a central Jewish organization until 1979, the
Congregacion Israelita de Nicaragua. There also was a B'nai B'rith lodge and
WIZO chapter. The article adds that with the outster of the Sandinista
regime Israel restored diplomatic relations with Nicaragua. Diplomatic
affairs are covered by Israel's ambassador in Guatemala city.

A list of world synagogues in
includes one mention for Nicaragua. But it looks like a postal box (Apartado
108) for the (extinguished?) Congregation, and not a synagogue building. It
is not in Managua but in Granada.

Congregacion Israelita de Nicaragua
Apartado 108
Tel: 505 552 4316 Fax: 505 552 4316

A search in Google with Spanish for synagogue and Managua shows
The page mentions an address for "CUSO", a "cooperation organization" of
national reach. Its address is "where the Synagogue was". compatible with
"the Sandinista government sequestered the synagogue", but I do not kow if
this is the same place.

De donde fue la Sinagoga, 3 1/2 c. E:, Reparto Pancasán No. 44,
TELEFONO: 2-70745

In 2000, Candidate Herty Lewites won elections for Mayor in Managua. Other
websites describe Hebert Lewites Rodriguez as of Jewish origin. In the
article described at the beginning of this mail the author concludes - after
a 5 day search - that the mayor of Managua and his family seemed to be the
only Jews in the country but could not reach him. Having resolved to attend
Rosh Hashanah services, the author left Nicaragua and travelled to Costa

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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