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Peregrine Maitland <_roots_@...>

It is indeed in is the Great Temple of Florence to be precise,
built between 1874 and 1882.

Happy New Year to All,
Peregrine Maitland
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"Robert Fraser" <> wrote in message
I wonder if anyone can identify this synagogue and its location.
The front and rear views are to be found on Viewmate at:

The photographs were taken by my Wife's uncle who served
in a mobile photographic unit of the Royal Air Force in
World War 2. He took hundreds of pictures of local scenes.
His unit followed the Allied forces and passed through Cairo
and along the North African coast as far west as Tunis.
Then the unit moved to Malta, over to Italy and up
through Italy.

We have assumed that the building is in North Africa,
but it may possibly be in Italy somewhere.

Suggestions are very welcome, and may be posted privately.


Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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