First Names Anweesa and Kolya #general

Rusty Wilson <rusty.wilson@...>

I recently posted 2 photographs on Viewmate (they've since been removed) and
several people kindly provided translations of the text on the back. The
first was in Yiddish >from about 1927, showed a mother and 3 daughters and
apparently said "To my dear and beloved daughter Anweesa". I assume the
writer was Anweesa. I've never heard of a name resembling Anweesa - has
anyone else? Is there a variant that would make sense?

The second was in Russian, was >from the same time period, showed a mother
and daughter and said "For good memory >from Kolya and Frida..." One
translator pointed out that Kolya was likely Nikolai, but the photo clearly
shows a mother and daughter. Could Kolya be a girl's name?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rusty Wilson
Washington, D.C.
Researching: WILKORISKY, Saleije, Lithuania; PORT, Wilkomir/Ukmerge,
Lithuania; HUTNER, Lithuania; HODES, Lithuania; SHAPIRO, Galicia;
NAGOSZYNER, Dabrowa Tarnowska, Galicia; GOLDSTEIN, Dabrowa Tarnowska,
Galicia; KRASNY, Kiev, Ukraine; BABCZUK, Berezna, Ukraine; DERAZNE, Rovno;
PLOTKIN, Ukraine

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