rabbi Lazar POLAK #austria-czech

Micheline GUTMANN

I seize the opportunity of the discussion about a POLLAK family
to introduce my research about another POLA(L)K family which
is my husband's one.

The rabbi Lazar (Lazur, Leyser) POLAK arrived to Gent, Belgium, soon
after the French Revolution, and the Toleranzpatent of Joseph II.

He was the son of a Philip POLAK (original given name?) born about 1763
and he came >from Koenigswarte, CZ. He was the first rabbi of the little
Jewish community there. He married, I don't know where, Rosalie David born
about 1780 Frankfurt-am-Main, and they had six children in Gent before he
died in 1808.

She was expecting the seventh, a son called Philip who died the same

Could it be possible to find something more for this place at that time?
Thank you for your help.

Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France
Web site GenAmi www.genami.org

MODERATOR NOTE: Information on this town, now known as Kynsvart, can
to be found via search engines such as Google and Wikipedia.

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