Re: Proper form of address & how to find towns and counties in the US #general

Barry E Chernick

Hanna's posting - "A posting on 1/8, regarding proper form of
addresses, leads me to repeat the question I have been
unsuccessful in posting
Where to find US counties in which towns and cities are located.
I have found a site for Massachusetts which lists the counties
and all their towns (not alpha by town, unfortunately) but nothing
comparable for any other state. Any suggestions?"
There is a USGS national maping information web site that has the
"official" list of all place names in the US, not just cities but
"evertything". and gives an explanation of the
database. Searches can be done at . I was
able to make search of "populated places" in King County Washington and
got back a list of the populated places in my county, 385 of them, in
Alpha order. Make sure you restrict it to "populated places" or you will
get things down to the shopping center level. Go through the "feature
type" drop down menu to see what is available.
Barry Chernick
Bellevue, WA

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