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Hi Genners,
Harold Lewin asks for help in solving a puzzle of three entries for a London
marriage for what seems to be the same couple. He writes:
"1. >from the certificate: On 4th February 1863, Simon Henry 21, son of Henry
Henry, was married to Harriet Saunders 19, daughter of David Saunders.

2. >from the register: On 4th February 1863, Simon Henry (patronymic in
Hebrew script: Shimon ben Zvi Hirsch) was married to Hannah Saunders
(patronymic in Hebrew script: Yetta bat Dovid).

3. >from a later entry in the register: On 7th May 1863, Simon Henry
(patronymic in Hebrew script: Shimon ben Zvi Hirsch) was married to Harriet
Saunders (patronymic in Hebrew script: Sarah bat Avraham Avinu)."

The names of the groom are the same in all three, he is Simon Henry. It is
the name of the bride that is a puzzle. In entries one and two, made on the
same day, the first entry shows their names in English, and the second entry
their names in Hebrew. I would guess that the name Hannah was Hebrew for
Harriet, a Yiddish name Yetta also existed, and her father's name was David.

Entry 3, some three months later, might be a correction. The name "Sarah
bat Avraham Avinu", translated as Sarah, the daughter of our father Abraham,
is a name often taken by a convert to Judaism. Someone might have realized
that Harriet Saunders was a convert, and that the Hebrew name listed on the
second entry, Hannah or Yetta bat David, was not appropriate. I doubt that
a conversion could have taken place in the three months between entries. It
might simply be that in entry two a logical name was assigned to her, and in
entry three it was corrected to reflect her conversion.

Haviva Dolgin Langenauer
Palm Beach, Florida

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