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Go to and scroll down the page to their "Web Site
Directory". Click on "US States" under "Regional". This takes you to a page
with a list of states. Click on the state that you are interested in and
scroll down and click on "Counties and Regions". This will take you to a
page that lists all the counties for that state. Clicking on a county will
take you to websites with more information about that county.

Vicki Ina Friedman
Ball Ground, GA, USA

SK(O)LOFF, THURLIN / TURCHIN, ZEIDELMAN Russian Empire to USA 1870-1910

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Subject: Proper form of address & how to find towns and counties in the US

A posting on 1/8, regarding proper form of addresses, leads me to repeat
the question I have been unsuccessful in posting

Where to find US counties in which towns and cities are located. I have
found a site for Massachusetts which lists the counties and all their
towns (not alpha by town, unfortunately) but nothing comparable for any
other state. Any suggestions?

Hanna Grossman
Cornwall, CT

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