A Mystery Found in London Synagogue Marriage Registers #general

Eddy Fraifeld <efraifeld@...>

I have a possible answer to your mystery.
I had a similar problem a few years ago that a David Lewin in London(Is he a
relative?)helped me solve.
It was not an uncommon practice in the 1800's for a sister to mary the widow
of her deceased sister.
If the "Certificate" was a document issued by the state and the "Register"
is the records >from the Synagogue I offer to you that Both men are the same
in the Register entries. That the 1st either died or...something happened
and that he then married a 2nd woman. Given the facts of the women's names
however, I'd say they were not sisters, Maybe they were cousins.

The certificate however lists the bride's father's name as "David" and
father's name as "Dovid". I think both women in the "Certificate" and the
"Register" with the February 4, 1863 date are the same person. Maybe it is
how the were called formally and informally.

Eddy Fraifeld
Danville, Virginia

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